The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Workbook Packages

The Black Millionaires Of Tomorrow Financial Workbooks for children will put your children ahead for the rest of their lives. 

- See the pride in their eyes when they gain the power of investing

- Watch them transform into wealth-builders for life

- This will put them years ahead of their classmates, many of whom will never even know the basics of making money 


Here's what you get with each package: 

- A BMOT study guide to teach your child how to master the fundamentals of money better than most adults 

- A BMOT study guide that will show your child the investing secrets that are used by millionaires on Wall Street 

- A BMOT Investing guide that will teach them how to think like a wealth-builder and build multiple streams of income 

- A set of engaging financial flash cards invented exclusively for black children

- The Dr Boyce Watkins Entrepreneurship Flashcards to ensure that your child knows how to build wealth and economic power for their family without depending on a job 

All products come with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.