Dr Boyce Watkins presents - Stop economic slavery - Financial habits you need to let go of right now (digital download)

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Part of the struggle for black people in America is that many of us are trapped by unhealthy economic habits, created over many generations.  This toxic culture and poor economic behavior can often turn us into slaves in an otherwise free society.  

Rather than seeing economic opportunities, we are trained to look the other way.  Rather than building our empires, we grab onto something that is owned by somebody else.  Instead of seeing our wealth as our greatest tool, we often allow others to use against us. 

This powerful, 2.5 hour lecture by Dr Watkins is designed to change your life.   In this riveting discussion, Dr Watkins breaks down the racist economic habits that black people are taught from birth that often keep us from gaining true economic power. 

At the end of the lecture, Dr Watkins gives you specific assignments and information that you can use to create an economic culture in your family that will last for generations.