Collection: M. Ed Roosevelt Mitchell III Child Educational Development

This Bundle Pack Contains

The Raising A Black Scholar Curriculum bridges the gap for those seeking to turn their children into scholars. 

Whereas The Parent Advocacy Bible provides a clear blueprint and resources for parents to effectively advocate for their child in any school setting. You will learn about the FIVE commandments of parent advocacy, know what questions to ask at parent/teacher conferences/surprise visits, effective ways of communicating with school staff to get what you want, how to document properly and much more! The book includes dozens of forms, a parent contract, and letters.

 Kayden is Different, Kayden is Different Activity Book, & Kayden is Different "Kayden Goes To School!".

 Meet Kayden. He is just like many children today with a disability. Whether it's a physical or mental disability, there are those who are bullied because of the way they are. Being bullied ruins any child's self-esteem, but the effect is even greater for children with disabilities. Unfortunately, children who do the bullying do not understand that those born "different" are just like them. Kayden teaches kids that you can be a hero even with a disability!  

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