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2022 Black Family Agenda Calendar

$ 19.99 $ 29.99


Are you ready to get serious about your Family's Financial Freedom in 2022?

With The ALL NEW 2022 Black Family Calendar you and your family can pursue financial freedom one month at a time.

January: Save, Invest, and Protect Assets

February: Stock Investment

March: Family Business

April: Black Wealth Rite of Passage

May: Young Entrepreneur

June: Black Father's Matter

July: Mobile Investing

August: The Future is Children

September: Black Economics for Children

October: Build the Family

November: Educate the Family

December: Children Stock

Each month covers a specific topic, with a personalized quote from Dr. Boyce WITH a message to you take action and get closer to financial freedom.

Orders placed by December 10th are expected to arrive before December 25th.


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