Black Millionaires of Tomorrow: A wealth-building student guide for children [Grades 4-6]

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In light of these challenging times, it is critical that we create innovative solutions to deal with the serious problem that our children will face. The old models of job-seeking, hoping for the best and spending till you drop will be neither empowering nor beneficial for our children. So its time we prepare them to be economic competitors in the 21 century. The Black Millionaires of tomorrow Program was designed by Finance Ph. D. Dr. Boyce Watkins as a creative, simple, effective, no-nonsense solution to  the wealth gap that plagues the black community. Using very simple models and age appropriate examples, Dr. Watkins and his team of experts have developed a curriculum that can put your child ahead of the curve when it comes to economic preparation and financial sophistication. This program will set you children apart from the pack and make a difference for the rest of their lives. We congratulate you for making this very important investment in their future.