The Secrets to Black Financial Intelligence - Lessons I learned from my Grandmother

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America is a country that is run by money. The desire and ability to be financially intelligent is arguably the single most important factor in determining whether a person is going to end up at the top of the pile or at the bottom. Being black only serves to compound the effect of these disparities, so it is critical for every person of color in America to see this very important film.

Leveraging more than two decades of teaching Finance at the college level, Dr. Boyce Watkins has emerged as one of the most significant thinkers in the history of the African American community. His fearless, thoughtful and action-oriented commentary on the state of black America has served as one of the leading factors in black America’s resurgence as an economically coordinated socio-political behemoth. This film captures the roots of the financial lessons that Dr. Watkins learned from his grandmother Felicia, and also provide a template for excellence that can be utilized to build generational economic empires in any family that is willing to follow his outstanding blueprint. This film is the soundtrack of a revolution.

The official release and shipping date for the film is November 1, 2016