Dr Boyce Watkins presents: How to create a business plan that puts you on top (Digital Download)

$ 24.99

Economic opportunities for black people in America are not increasing, they are decreasing.  Jobs are scarce for everyone, wages are declining, and racism is rampant in most corporations across this country.  

The solution for black people in America is to start their own businesses and find a way to get off the corporate plantation.  The challenge is that most of us simply don't know how to do it. 

In this beautifully-empowering lecture, noted Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins gives you the fundamentals to creating the kind of business plan that will put you on top of the crowd.  With over an hour of in-class Q&A, along with compelling powerpoint slides, Dr Watkins takes you through the steps to planning your business and turning yourself into a success. 

This lecture can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

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