Dr Boyce Watkins Presents: The rules of Black Economic Self-Defense -- Audio Lecture Download

$ 24.99

African Americans are a vulnerable community that has been traumatized and brutalized by white supremacy over the last 400 years.  One of the great challenges to our people is that we often find ourselves at the back of the economic and political bus, largely because we are the victims of various forms of economic bullying that we experience due to mistreatment by racist power structures. 

In this powerful, never-before seen, lecture, Dr Boyce Watkins explains the things that every African American must know in order to protect themselves from a vast array of predators that exist in the global economic system.   He takes you through his rules for Black Economic self-defense, a set of carefully-researched tools that will help you protect yourself from the various economic predators that exist in this country.  

In order for black people to get ahead, we must learn how to compete.  Let Dr Boyce Watkins give you the template to greatness that will serve your family for generations.  This downloadable lecture will surely change your life.  The lecture is two hours long and features colorful powerpoint slides to help you seal in the information.  You can also view this information with the entire family. 

 This lecture will be made available for download the minute the purchase is made. 

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