Dr Boyce Watkins: 7 things every black child must have to become successful

by Dr Boyce Watkins 
These are the skills every black child must have in order to be successful:
1) The ability to read well enough to consume information – knowledge is power and those who lack information are controlled by those who know what's going on.
2) The ability to write so that these ideas can be communicated to others in an effective way.
3) Basic mathematical skill, which is necessary for the simple act of conducting business with others.
4) A knowledge of black history to instill a sense of pride, belonging and purpose in the child.
5) Relationship management skills to ensure that the child knows how to seek out, nurture, build and repair healthy relationships with others, starting with his/her own family. This allows you to work together with others, thus getting more things done than you can when you’re alone, cutting off everyone who makes you angry.
6) The ability to invest, buy real estate and start a business. They can't spend their lives begging other people for jobs unless you want them to be crushed and stressed with a lifetime of massive debt, low pay, few options and relentless racial microaggressions.
7) Critical thinking skills that allow the child to avoid being brainwashed by media and inadequate educational systems. This brainwashing is designed to create slaves to corporate America and white supremacist capitalist systems that include: Excessive student loans, low paying jobs working for white people, irresponsible consumerism, unhealthy relationships, poor eating habits, baby mama/baby daddy drama and even drug use/alcohol consumption.
All of these factors play a role in keep the black man/black woman unbalanced, failing, ignorant and without the strong family units necessary to be a part of a thriving community.
Dr Boyce Watkins