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Black Wealth is expected to drop to zero for half of all black families by the year 2053. This means that half of our community will be in the negative, and the other half will be positive. Those who embrace economic education will be the ones who are on the positive side of this statistic, largely because they've avoided the economic traps that exist in our society.

The traps consist of but are not limited to: Ridiculous amounts of student loan debt, marketing that continuously reinforces the message of extensive consumption, a culture built on job seeking rather than job creation, a lack of interest in stock/bond investing, renting rather than ownership, inadequate life insurance with virtually no estate planning, and much, much more.

While I work hard to sound the warning bell for the entire black community, our voices are often drowned out by messages coming from corporate media, problematic politicians, and a broken educational system which is determined to keep our people in the midst of economic slavery.

I have taught Finance to college students for 25 years at several major universities. I've spent thousands of hours studying the problems that are specific to black people and believe that I have developed solutions that you can implement right now, TODAY, within your own family. These are not get-rich-quick or fly-by-night solutions. Instead, they are long-term wealth-building prototypes that will yield results over several decades of continuous activity.

Those who embrace financial literacy in their households will not be on the negative side of the statistic that I mentioned above. Those who save and invest won't have the same financial problems as many others. Those who make long-term plans for their children rarely watch their kids struggle. The future is owned by those who prepare for it today.

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One of the greatest challenges for the African American community is a severe lack of power. Like caged animals in the zoo, millions of black people in America and across the world often feel that our lives are controlled by other people or that opportunities only enter our lives when they are created by our oppressors. This debilitating mindset can lead to hopelessness, depression and decision-making that is driven by fear rather than desire. Instead of believing that we possess the ability to improve our lives, we simply wait and hope that White Americans will one day have a change of heart.

Black American Money is written to kill the victim mentality and help us to see the world for what it really is. There is no power for the victim, the beggar, or the one who simply prays, hopes and waits for their oppressor to give them what they need. According to Finance PhD and noted scholar Dr Boyce Watkins, the world is never going to be nicer to black people and whites are never going to give us enough opportunity to sustain the masses. Instead, they will only volunteer enough crumbs to keep us under control and offer superficial congratulations for meaningless accomplishments within the pre-approved context of white supremacist institutions. It is only through proactive positioning, extensive preparation and institution building that black people can ever have any true power in America and beyond. Through a series of compelling essays and thought-provoking analysis, Dr Watkins hits the nail on the head in ways that only he can do. This book will shape your thinking, rivet your mindset and lead you to a whole new way of seeing racial inequality in America and beyond. This book will make you a champion.

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