Dr Boyce Watkins presents: The 7 golden rules of love and money (Audio Lecture Download)

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According to, money is the #2 reason for divorce, right behind infidelity.   It is the inability to discuss finances that causes a tremendous amount emotional distress in many families across America.  In this powerful lecture, Dr Boyce Watkins breaks down 7 golden rules of love and money that will help you to avoid the problems being faced by most couples throughout the United States.  

In this video, Dr Watkins speaks for nearly an hour on the topic, in a creative style that only he possesses.  This video can be watched by the entire family or anyone in your life who ever plans on having any kind of romantic relationship at any point in the future. 

This powerful video lecture will not only enhance your financial literacy, it will also help you to avoid the traps that impact so many others who don't prepare themselves for these inevitable landmines.   Don't allow money to destroy all that is valuable in your life, spend some time learning from Black America's favorite financial expert. 

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