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[Mega Bundle] Black Millionaires of Tomorrow digital program + Fun Finance Flashcards + Entrepreneurship Flashcards

[Mega Bundle] Black Millionaires of Tomorrow digital program + Fun Finance Flashcards + Entrepreneurship Flashcards

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Unleash the potential of tomorrow's tycoons with our exclusive "Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Digital Program + Fun Finance Flashcards + Entrepreneurship Flashcards" bundle. This special package offers a powerful combination of resources designed to spark the entrepreneurial spirit and cultivate financial acumen in young minds.

The core of the bundle is the 'Black Millionaires of Tomorrow' Digital Program. This interactive course highlights the journeys and success secrets of black millionaires, inspiring and demonstrating that success knows no color. It’s an eye-opening exploration, aimed to nurture resilience, ambition, and the 'can-do' mindset in the young leaders of tomorrow.

Next, fuel the financial literacy fire with our Fun Finance Flashcards. These cards are vibrant, fun-filled, and packed with financial fundamentals. Concepts like saving, investing, and budgeting are broken down into relatable and digestible tidbits, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

Finally, ignite entrepreneurial thinking with our Entrepreneurship Flashcards. These cards present essential business principles and successful entrepreneurial traits in an easy-to-grasp manner. Each card is a mini-lesson in business, fostering problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

This bundle is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in the future success of our young, ambitious, and dynamic leaders. Equip them with the tools to shape their financial destiny today!

About Us

Dr. Boyce Watkins has taught finance at the college level for 20 years, including The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The University of Rochester, Syracuse University and The Ohio State University. He Started the Financial Literacy Store to address the financial educational needs and deficits that not only exist, but remain a plague within our community (The Black Community) today. Giving others the opportunity of obtaining collegiate level knowledge is our main mission, and we look forward to a future where every Black girl or boy will grow up with the financial fortitude to become successful members of our society, and a blessing to our community.

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The Black Core Three

  • Educate

    We must educate our own children and community

  • Create

    We must create strong black business

  • Support

    We must support the business that we create as a community

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