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The Dr Boyce Watkins Black American Money Bundle Pack - 3 Books in one for one low price

$ 72.99 $ 89.97

Dr Boyce Watkins is one of the most respected, highly sought after Financial experts in history.   Reaching millions with his message of Black Wealth and economic empowerment, Dr Watkins has changed the trajectory for the entire black community. 

The Black American Money Book series is where it all began.  In this powerful collection of essays, Dr Watkins breaks down the state of black wealth in ways you've never seen it before.  He also dissects American society and how the structure of American economic systems has created challenges and opportunities for the black community and beyond. 

This social commentary describes black economics in a way that only Dr Watkins can do it.  The series will change your life forever. 

This bundle pack includes Black American Money, Black American Money 2 and Black American Money 3, all for one low price. 

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