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The Dr Boyce Watkins Credit Flash Cards

The Dr Boyce Watkins Credit Flash Cards

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Introducing Credit Flash Cards, the perfect tool for teaching children about credit and financial responsibility! Created by finance expert Dr. Boyce Watkins, these cards are designed to make learning about credit fun and interactive. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand language, children will be able to grasp the concepts of credit and money management with ease.

Each card covers a different topic, such as credit scores, credit reports, and credit card usage. Children will learn about the importance of maintaining a good credit score, how to read and understand their credit report, and the proper use of credit cards. They will also learn about different types of credit, such as revolving credit and installment credit, and how to manage debt.

Credit Flash Cards are perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to teach children about the importance of financial responsibility. With Dr. Boyce Watkins' expertise, children will develop a solid understanding of credit and money management, setting them up for success in the future.

Get your hands on a set of Credit Flash Cards today and start your child on the path to financial literacy!

About Us

Dr. Boyce Watkins has taught finance at the college level for 20 years, including The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The University of Rochester, Syracuse University and The Ohio State University. He Started the Financial Literacy Store to address the financial educational needs and deficits that not only exist, but remain a plague within our community (The Black Community) today. Giving others the opportunity of obtaining collegiate level knowledge is our main mission, and we look forward to a future where every Black girl or boy will grow up with the financial fortitude to become successful members of our society, and a blessing to our community.

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