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Black American Money 3 - by Dr Boyce Watkins

$ 29.99

Black Wealth is critical for our community to understand.  It is essential for us to realize the trillions in economic power that is being stolen from us every single year. 

This theft is being done by deception, exclusion, poor habits and significant amounts of misinformation.  In fact, there are many of us who think we are INCREASING black wealth, when we are actually REDUCING it. 

Black American Money 3 is a book that digs to the heart of the black wealth problem in America.  Through a series of essays, Dr Watkins explains exactly why the black community struggles economically, how to fix the problem and why so many of our communities may never recover. 

This book is designed to change how you view black wealth for the rest of your life and you'll never see race and economics the same ever again. 

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