The Dr. Boyce Watkins Entrepreneurship Flashcards for Children

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The best way to create great entrepreneurs is to drill them early and often.  Using over 25 years of expertise in Finance, Dr Boyce Watkins has taken the lead in the financial education of black children all around the globe.  

These special Entrepreneurship flash cards are a powerful addendum to Dr Watkins' already-popular financial flash cards for children in that they allow you to give your child regular opportunities to learn and recite financial terms that even college students do not understand. 

By giving your children access to the Dr Boyce Watkins Entrepreneurship Flash Cards for children, your child will master terms like the following: 



Return on Investment

Cost of Capital


Plowback ratio

Seed Capital

Much, much more! 

These concepts are made easy-to-understand and will plant seeds that will last a generation.  If your child can memorize a rap song on the radio, then they can learn these concepts. 

Even more, the Entrepreneurship Flash Cards are include images of black and brown people doing business to ensure that your children have a multi-cultural perspective in the way they view wealth-building.  You will see a transformation almost immediately and your child will love you for giving them the gift of economic knowledge.