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Overcoming Financial Anxiety by Dr. Alicia Watkins & Dr. Boyce Watkins

Overcoming Financial Anxiety by Dr. Alicia Watkins & Dr. Boyce Watkins

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"Overcoming Financial Anxiety" is a groundbreaking workbook co-authored by Dr. Alicia Watkins and Dr. Boyce Watkins, designed to empower individuals with untapped potential to conquer their financial fears and unleash their true capabilities. This transformative book provides a step-by-step guide to understanding and overcoming the anxiety and limiting beliefs that hold people back from achieving financial success.

Drawing from their extensive expertise in psychology, finance, and personal development, Dr. Alicia and Dr. Boyce Watkins offer practical strategies and insights to help readers identify and address the root causes of financial anxiety. Through the pages of this workbook, readers will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, gaining tools and techniques to reframe their mindset, build confidence, and take control of their financial future.

"Overcoming Financial Anxiety" goes beyond traditional financial advice by delving into the emotional and psychological aspects of money management. With empathy and compassion, the authors guide readers to confront their fears, develop healthy money habits, and tap into their untapped potential for financial success. Through interactive exercises, self-reflection prompts, and actionable steps, individuals will build resilience, embrace abundance, and unlock their true capabilities.

Whether you're struggling with financial anxiety or simply seeking to reach your full financial potential, this workbook is your companion on the path to financial empowerment. Dr. Alicia and Dr. Boyce Watkins provide the roadmap to transform anxiety into confidence, scarcity into abundance, and limitation into limitless possibilities. Embrace the power within you and embark on a life-changing journey with "Overcoming Financial Anxiety." Your untapped potential awaits.

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Dr. Boyce Watkins has taught finance at the college level for 20 years, including The University of Kentucky, Indiana University, The University of Rochester, Syracuse University and The Ohio State University. He Started the Financial Literacy Store to address the financial educational needs and deficits that not only exist, but remain a plague within our community (The Black Community) today. Giving others the opportunity of obtaining collegiate level knowledge is our main mission, and we look forward to a future where every Black girl or boy will grow up with the financial fortitude to become successful members of our society, and a blessing to our community.

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