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The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Workbook (Highschool) - Stocks

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Millions of Americans are stressed over money. They are broke, struggling and afraid. Jobs are disappearing and the black community has been consistently hit especially hard with various forms of severe economic despair.  
In light of these challenging times, it is critical that we create innovative solutions to deal with these very serious problems. The old models of job-seeking, hoping for the best and spending till you drop will be neither empowering nor beneficial tell our children. So, it's time that we prepare them to be economic competitors in the 21st century.  
The Black Millionaires Of Tomorrow Program was designed by Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins as a creative, simple, effective, no-nonsense solution to the wealth gap that plagues the black community. Using very simple models and light-hearted examples, Dr Watkins and his team of experts have developed a curriculum that can put your child ahead of the curve when it comes to economic preparation and financial sophistication.  
This program will set your children apart from the pack and make a difference for the rest of lives. We congratulate you for making this very important investment. 43 pages



STOCKS. Stocks Lesson Assessment

Taxes Taxes Lesson Assessment


Mortgage Lesson Assessment

Stocks vs Bonds

Stock vs. Bonds Lesson Assessment

Stock Market

Stock Market Lesson Assessment

The Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Lesson Assessment Volatility

Volatility Lesson Assessment Stock Prices Change

Stock Prices Change Lesson Assessment Stockbroker

Stock Broker Lesson Assessment


Dividend Lesson Assessment

Annual Report

Annual Report Lesson Assessment..


SEC Lesson Assessment

Why Stock?

Why Stock? Lesson Assessment

Mutual Funds.

Mutual Funds Lesson Assessment.

Investment Club

Investment Club Lesson Assessment

Bulls and Bears

Bulls and Bears Assessment

Myths and Lies

Myths and Lies

Lesson Assessment.


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